Helping Your Organization Thrive

The Fulcrum team provides risk management and wellbeing strategies to minimize your exposure and expense, enabling your organization to operate as efficiently as possible.

Independent, Full-Service Brokerage Firm

Fulcrum Risk Solutions is an independent, full-service brokerage firm dedicated to providing holistic risk management and insurance strategies to our clients.


  • foster organizational stability by implementing tailor-made population health management programs.
  • work to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of your employees, improving morale and driving down healthcare costs.
  • bring to the table expertise in organizational analysis, data-driven decision making, and a wealth of experience in driving behavioral modifications.
  • are committed to operating with integrity and transparency, and we will always put your organization’s needs and interests first.
  • scale our services to our client’s need, allowing us to work with organizations of all sizes.

Our consultative approach is founded on honest exchanges with our clients, and the relationships we build with them are at the heart of our business. We seek to make the complicated world of risk exposure simple so your organization can focus on doing what it does best.

The Problems We Work to Solve

Fulcrum helps companies

  • Identify and implement the most effective risk management strategies for their goals. We will constantly monitor your organization’s needs and outcomes to ensure you are equipped with the best tools available.
  • Remain informed and compliant in a shifting regulatory environment.
  • Communicate their risk and wellbeing strategies to all employees.
  • Stabilize their health care equations.