The Challenge

A medical practice experienced explosive growth, doubling their number of locations and tripling their number of employees in only three years. With dozens of new employees and new offices separated by considerable distances, the organization began to experience growing pains.

In our initial consultation with the organization, we discovered that they:

  • Had only one part-time employee tasked with handling human resources for the entire organization.
  • Experienced frequent billing and services problems with their voluntary benefits carrier.
  • Had an out-of-date enrollment strategy, with employees enrolling in benefits plans by paper instead of through an online enrollment system.
  • Did not regularly provide employees with up-to-date information on benefits policies. Only one employee benefits communication was sent out each year.
  • Lacked any consistent engagement strategy. Staff did not feel empowered to make good employee benefits decisions.

Employees and leadership alike felt frustrated by the mounting inefficiencies in their system, and the practice’s management recognized a need for change.

The Solution

To determine the organization’s root problems, we utilized a consultative approach, listening carefully to descriptions of their workplace issues and investigating the components of each area of tension. To address the issues that had arisen throughout our clients’ offices, we decided to:

  • Develop customized engagement and internal communication plans to keep employees informed of their benefits options and engaged.
  • Enable consistent messaging on benefits throughout the organization by designing and recording a presentation to be used during the onboarding process, as well as be shared with current employees.
  • Increase human resources support to ensure that the department was responsive and accessible to employees across offices.
  • Adopt a new enrollment strategy and platform, modernizing the enrollment process to improve ease of access for employees and reduce possibilities for mistakes by human resources.

The Results

With the human resources department equipped with a responsive and accessible benefits platform and with clear channels established for delivering messages across offices, the medical practice has seen dramatic improvements. Fulcrum was able to accomplish this improvement without exceeding the client’s previous cumulative outlay on human resources and employee benefits, allowing the medical practice to extract more efficiency from each dollar.