The Challenge

Fulcrum recently had a large group client (greater than fifty employees) with multiple locations that was faced with a large health insurance renewal increase regardless of where they went in the market.  The client had a goal of taking care of their employees and not just satisfying their ACA requirements.  They wanted to provide quality options.

The Solution

Fulcrum’s team, leveraging partner organizations, presented a plan utilizing the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA).  Under this arrangement, businesses offer employees a monthly allowance of tax-free money to purchase health care insurance.  Employees are then able to choose the best option for themselves.

The Results

The result was a success.  The client was pleased that Fulcrum was able to find them a great solution and their employees were happy because they were receiving quality selections.  Fulcrum had expanded our expertise in a developing option that can be considered when helping you find the best option for your firm.