There’s no simple formula for scaling service in the domain of risk management. At Fulcrum Risk Solutions, we understand that even the needs of two organizations of exactly the same size can differ dramatically, so working with companies of different sizes can present a host of unique challenges. Many other brokerage firms limit themselves to working with clients who fall in a narrow range of sizes, and they stay up to date on the funding options and products available to groups in that range. As long as their clients don’t grow, these firms can usually address their needs without much difficulty. Almost all companies, though, want to grow, and when they do, most insurance brokers cannot grow with them.

Fulcrum, though, can grow with clients because we understand that scaling service is a multi-faceted process. For a brokerage to work well with clients of varying sizes, it must have a holistic understanding of the consultative process and a team capable of implementing that process on multiple levels. An expanded briefcase of products and funding options won’t cut it; a firm can scale its services well only by adopting the right outlook and the right people. Our staff is able to address to the needs of clients of all sizes because each member of our team has committed to constant growth and has had years to hone their skills.

When our team members first meet with new clients, they are prepared to discern need, create solutions, and set appropriate rollout expectations and timelines. Instead of attempting to sell our clients a single, size-based list of products, we listen carefully to their individual needs in order to detect the unique challenges they face and then create strategies to address them. With our ongoing monitoring of our clients’ claims and benefits data, we are able to adjust strategies as necessary, ensuring that risk management solutions grow with our clients.

Scaling service well requires a commitment to excellence on the part of the broker, and at Fulcrum Risk Solutions, we are proud to make that commitment to each of our clients. To learn how Fulcrum can help your company thrive with a customized risk management plan, give us a call at (803) 798.3584.